Roadtrip – Krabi, Thailand!

I saw the trees and gigantic statues of Buddhas and the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, popping out now and then, as if to bless our journey the whole way. It was absorbing Thailand in a different experience, one that is hard to describe. This trip reignited a sense of adventure in me that childhood once held. I’m seeing roadtrips in a new light.


Chow Kit Chillin’

Me and a couple of photographer friends cruised the street of Chow Kit. It started at the opening of the wet market (Pasar Chow Kit) where we stumbled across a vendor that sells cool collectible junks like Harley miniature bike, robot, horns and keris, precious stones, antique telephone, etc.

Melaka, in lantern dressing.

A buddy and I set an adventure to Melaka. We wanted to shop, we wanted to eat, and foot massages entices us. Delightfully, we drove there on a Saturday, Pasar Malam day, and to top it off, it was a weekend before Chinese New Year, which means a parade was brewing for the night!

Guangzhou… night lights, big city!

Photography of Guangzhou from a tourist point of view…

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