Welcome!  Ina Moments is where I share photos that I take.  If you like it, share it.  Hate it, trash it (please be kind, there are children around).  But yes, tell me your thoughts, tell me anything.  Your POV excites me!

Alternately, you can also drop me an email.



Illustration by Izra Ishak

8 Responses to “About”
  1. Kev says:

    Hi Ina, you know what? You’ve good photography skills. I hope to learn to be a better photographer.

    – Cheers –

    • ina mohd says:

      Hi Kev, saw your photos and I like em’ a lot. Thanks for the compliment, and same goes to you.

  2. jiji-o says:

    i’m totally inspired by your photos babe!

    • ina mohd says:

      Wow really? You’ve inspired me to keep going. Thank you.

  3. Ezreena says:

    What an awesome photos you have there… love it… love it all… Very talented… (^_^)

    • ina mohd says:

      Thank you for the kind words, glad you like them.

  4. rudiesss says:

    love the picture >>so much

    • ina mohd says:

      Thanks, rudiesss!

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