Melaka, in lantern dressing.

A walk into Jonker St and Jonker Walk…

Welcome to Melaka!

It’s showering lanterns!

A troupe of jolly rickshaw.

Outside the tomb of legendary Hang Lekir.

Chinese Temple.

Preserved traditional Melaka house.

A towering mosque.

A peek inside the mosque.

Goldsmith St.

Photo op against charming vintage windows.

STOP! Lanterns.

Painted apartment on top of a shoplot.

Decorative arch for Chinese New Year celebration.

Intersection of Jonker Walk & St.

More lanterns against nice blue sky.

To rest thy weary feet.

Now where did we go for lunch…

Farmosa Restaurant, of course.  Famous for their…

…Chicken Rice Balls!

A complete, satisfying meal.

View from inside the restaurant.

We did munched on roasted squid prior to lunch.  This stall makes awesome variations.

Melaka’s Charming Shops & Cafes.

Cheongsam boutique.

Junk Yard-ish shop.  Collectors will find many treasures here.

The place to go for custom-made clogs.  There are many ready made clogs at reasonable prices and sizes.

Colorful Indian handcraft shop.

Lanterns deco against metal blinds.

Limau Limau Cafe… the aroma that came from this cafe is enough to make us salivate.

Shop #21… makes gift-giving to your beloved deceased possible.

And when evening falls….

“Pasar Malam” (a.k.a. Night Market)

Sweet elderly shopkeeper of an antique shop.  By night she helps tend her daughter-in-law’s stall at the night market.

A lingerie stall preparing to be open.

Young couple sharing a meal while tending their accessory stall.

Hustle n’ bustle of night street market.

Greetings with love.

CNY Festive Street Celebration

Goddess walked the earth.

And a God too.

Even the wind joined in the festive.

Jonker lights shining bright.

Spectators enjoying the show.

Lanterns in the night.

And if you want to take a breather from the festive bash, Geographica Pub’s window still has its lights on.

7 Responses to “Melaka, in lantern dressing.”
  1. gomagoti says:

    I do love those red lanterns!

  2. iRobotic says:

    good eye….very instinctual

  3. melissaD says:

    This place is so unusual. Photos r great.

  4. niklas ilkard says:

    Melaka is a interesting place. I like it very much when i visited there. You captured the essence of Melaka very well like how i remembered it. Nice photography.

    • ina mohd says:

      Hi Niklas,

      Glad you like the pictures. Before going to Melaka I searched online for its images but didn’t find much pictures of Melaka as I expected. So I went there with a purpose, to bring back as much photos in that short day trip possible, sort of to do justice to Melaka’s rightful beauty.

      Come visit the site again in 2 weeks time, I hope to have new post out by then of Hat Yai & Krabi, Thailand!

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