Guangzhou… night lights, big city!

Chen Clan Academy

The entrance gate of Chen Clan Academy.

Red Dragon perching on top of the Academy’s roof of mythical carvings.

Carving of stories and legends embedded into the outer wall.

A peek into the garden.

Architecture of the ceiling.

A man looking into the past.

Bedroom of a long ago era.

The Study at the antique room section.

Pearl River Cruise

Reflections of dancing, sparkling lights from the many architectures along Pearl River.

View of the Guangzhou Bridge taken from rooftop of the cruise ship.

Lights from buildings and bridge heightened at the same time.  The river glowed a beautiful radiance.

Loungers on the 2nd floor, enjoying their complimentary glasses of chinese tea and munching on sunflower seeds.

Cruise attendants.  They were sweet, polite, accommodating and made the cruising experience pleasurable.

Along the way there are views that just takes your breath away.

The Streets, People & Food!

Cute white rabbits, a lamb and something else at Bei Jing Road.

Shang Xia Jiu Road

A girl striking a pose at Shang Xia Jiu Road.

Fastfood for ‘tapau’ (to-g0).

Statue of an old man and a boy, one of many scattered over this street.

“Such a chicken!”

People of Guangzhou

Sleeping baby of a woman who sells almond nuts and raisins.

Bread at Nur Bostan Restaurant, Guang Ta Road.

Little boy scrutinizing the cigarette display counter.

Roasted sweet potatoes.

Setmeal 3-4 persons at Ottoman Turkish Restaurant.  If you ask me, it was more than enough for 8 of us.

Carver at the entrance of Chen Clan Academy.

Coconut drink hawker.

Yi Qi Ceramic

Porcelain artists absorbed in their craft.

A large souvenir shop of beautiful arts and crafts.  However the items are sold at a more expensive price in comparison to other smaller shops.

5 Responses to “Guangzhou… night lights, big city!”
  1. Marcielo Broga456 says:

    Very character pictures……

  2. aimi says:

    heyy! u hv cool pics here!

  3. Sophie B. says:

    Flying to Guangzhou next week… can’t wait!

  4. inamoments says:

    The view from a rooftop of a night cruise ship, the water reflects just how bright the lights from tall buildings along Pearl River. Cruising in between those majestic architectures, felt like I was among giants.

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